January 2016 Green Hearts Workshop

As part of a national initiative to support the Climate Change Coalition our WI was approached to create a workshop to craft green hearts, displaying the names of the aspects of life endangered by climate change. We invited our neighbours from other local WIs and we had a great night with sisters from around the region. It was also attended by the MP for Stockport, Ann Coffey, who joined in all the crafts and said she had really enjoyed being at our workshop. We were also featured in the next edition of WI Life.

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Green Hearts workshop

Our November meeting and a rather novel activity for the BBC

Centenary afternoon tea

Centenary yarn storm

Centenary AGM

First Moor Club social

Dec 2014 Sewing group festive afternoon tea

Mar 2014 Trip to London

Oct 2013 The October Fair 2013

Dec 2013 The Heatons WI have been at it again! 

2011 Christmas Coffee Morning

November 2015 Annual Meeting and a rather novel activity for the BBC

A call went out from the BBC for WI members local to Media City, Salford, to help with a record breaking attempt.. They had received spots of fabric, about 15" across, that brownie and rainbow groups around the country had completed in their own individual fashion, and which needed sewing onto a 33 metre cape for a superhero to win the Guiness World Record for the Longest Superhero Cape. And it was for a programme going out in 2 days! The Heatons WI sent in our crack team of crafters and we met up with ladies from other WIs. Over the course of an afternoon we hand stitched the spots onto the cape and just about got the last one attached by 4pm the day before the show.

The following week was our Centenary Annual Meeting and we celebrated with a cake competition featuring Swiss Rolls. All our cake competitions are judged by all the members tasting each cake and voting for their favourites, always one of the best activities of the year. Thanks to Sheila Booth we also had a celebration cake to mark the centenary year of WI.

The Heatons WI Centenary event - Afternoon tea at Chancellors

To mark the 100th anniversary of the very first WI meeting in the UK, which was held in Llanfairpwll on Anglesey on 16th September 1915, we held an afternoon tea at Chancellors, Fallowfield on 16th September 2015.  32 ladies joined in this jolly event.

 A small wooden plaque was given to both Suze and Sheila in thanks for founding The Heatons WI eight years ago. At the monthly meeting the following evening, Angela thanked Sue J for her hard work in organising the afternoon tea and Anne for collecting the monies and settling with the venue.

Centenary Yarn storm in Heaton Moor Park

Following the challenge from the NFWI to find novel ways to celebrate the Centenary, The Heatons WI thought long and hard about what they should do.  One of our members suggested we yarn storm a tree in a local park to mark this momentous event.  What was then a very small project grew (just like Topsy) into a project that involved most members of our WI.

When our President, Angela Britland, spoke about our plans during the Annual Meeting link-up with the Cheshire WIs from the Imperial War Museum, there was a real buzz around the Royal Albert Hall; we then knew we were onto something special and there was added impetus to our efforts.

Known by various terms, yarn storming, yarn bombing, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting or graffiti knitting is a type of graffiti or street art that uses colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre.

The project was masterminded by Chris Stables, Craft Co-ordinator of the Heatons WI Committee, and we christened the project “Wise Owls”.  For over six months members knitted, crocheted, felted and stitched squares, chains, small animals and birds (including lots of owls) and flowers.  Volunteers stepped forward to form a sub-committee to oversee the project and our fundraising team began to plan how we could use the event to boost our funds.

The venue for the display was Heaton Moor Park, a small but beautiful park in the Heatons, a leafy suburb of Stockport.  The park is cared for by the Friends of Heaton Moor Park and thanks must go to them, in particular the Knitting Friends, for their help in making this event such a success. The local media was bombarded with details about the event and posters started to appear in local shop windows and community spaces.

As the installation took place, more and more trees, bushes, railings, gateposts and benches in the park were festooned with our work.  Pompoms hung from trees and knitted bees buzzed around tree trunks.  Owls peeked out through branches and new varieties of flowers appeared in the flower beds.  Tennis players were astonished to find their games being watched by a huge owl woven into the court fence.  The centrepiece, a huge blanket wrapped around a tree in the centre of the park, contained over 130 squares.

 On Sunday, 12th July we held a friends and family picnic in Heaton Moor Park followed by the official unveiling of the display by local celebrity comedian, Justin Moorhouse.   We were delighted to be joined by a number of members from local WIs who turned up to admire our efforts.   Proceeds from a craft and produce stall will be for the benefit of our members to thank them for the hard work involved in making this event such a success.

The display has generated very positive feedback from the public.  Many people said how much they had enjoyed our work which was both ingenious and witty and they now realise that there is more to the WI than the perceived image of “jam and Jerusalem”.

Centenary AGM at the Royal Albert Hall

 Our AGM (a few days after the royal garden party) also had the royal factor when the Queen herself attended, together with Princess Anne and Sophie. I thought Janice, our chair, handled it all brilliantly, although the relief when the royal party left was clear and she relaxed for the rest of the day. The excellent speakers and live links with groups around the country made great viewing for those of us unable to get to the Royal Albert Hall who were watching it live on You Tube. Surprisingly I ended up on the other end of the camera when I went to join a locally organised viewing in the afternoon at the Imperial War Museum North. We became one of the live links and I, along with our President Angela, VP Tiff and members Val and Laura, were beamed into the hall where our delegate, Linda, was surprised to see us becoming part of the show! It was brilliant to be part of it, the speakers, particularly Lucy Worsley, were very entertaining and the debate was fascinating as lots of members came to the microphones to add another facet to the debate. I felt sorry for Janice as she tried to explain the procedure which was a move to other business. I've since had it explained to me that this was to enable the resolution to be worked on further rather than a no vote which would mean it could not be presented again.

The day itself got a lot of coverage in papers and TV and radio, especially when a newly formed brass band, Brassy Tarts, played Jerusalem outside in the lunch break. Thanks to You Tube anyone who wanted to be part of it could watch the events unfold through the day. 

First Moor Club social 2015
Sewing group 2014 festiveafternoon tea at Chancellors
March 2014 - Trip to London to see the Houses of Parliament
The Heatons WI have been at it again!

Selling crafts, that is. We joined in the Heaton Mersey Christmas market on a cold December day with the wind blowing things away every few minutes. Thanks to everyone who helped, and to Sue for her impromptu Christmas jumper!

The October 2013 fair looked magnificent with all the crafts, cakes and more for sale
2012 Event - A Jubilee party
2011 Christmas Coffee Morning at Heaton Moor United Reform church