January 2016 Green Hearts Workshop
December 2015 craft challenge
Our November Annual Meeting and a rather novel activity for the BBC
Fabric corsage lesson by Angela
The decorated boxes challenge - there were some very touching stories behind the mementoes stored in them.
The Heatons WI Centenary event - Afternoon tea at Chancellors
Centenary Yarn storm in Heaton Moor Park

2015 Cheshire Show

Sewing group 2014 festiveafternoon tea at Chancellors
December 2014 Sewing Challenge - a Christmas wall hanging
Nov 2014 Patchwork quilts donated by members of the craft group to Age Concern
2014 Cheshire Show - what a magnificent collection!
2014 Sewing Challenge - to make a bag using a square of the same fabric. No two the same! Well done everyone, excellent results.
February 2014 Recycled art 
The Heatons WI have been at it again! 

Selling crafts, that is. We joined in the Christmas market in Heaton Mersey on a cold December day with the wind blowing things away every few minutes. Thanks to everyone who helped, & to Sue for her impromptu Christmas jumper!

Our June meeting, 

hankies and clogs galore 

Our first crochet workshop - well done ladies!
April 2013 Flower arrangement competition 

Some fabulous arrangements and the most entries to a competition this year. Well done everyone who took part and I think my computer generated version could not compare to the real thing.

See photo gallery below.

Fashion Show 
Linus patchwork quilts 
Patchwork Projects 
List of albums 

January 2016 Green Hearts workshop

December 2015 craft challenge
Our November meeting and a rather novel activity for the BBC
Decorated boxes challenge
Centenary afternoon tea
Centenary yarn storm
2015 Cheshire Show
Centenary AGM
Tiff's visit to Buckingham Palce
Centenary banner
First Moor Club social
Dec 2014 Denman New Wave weekend
Dec 2014 Sewing group festive afternoon tea

Dec 2014 Sewing challenge

Nov 2014 Patchwork quilts

June 2014 Tea and Tents

Our Scrapbook

Jun 2014 Cheshire Show

2014 Sewing Challenge

Mar 2014 Trip to London

Oct 2013 The October Fair 2013

Feb 2014 Recycled Art

Dec 2013 The Heatons WI have been at it again! 

Jun 2013  Our June meeting, hankies and clogs galore 

May 2013 Our first crochet workshop

May 2013 meeting - plants, scones, strawberries and cream, shortbread

April 2013 Flower arrangement competition

2012 events

Fashion Show 

2011 Christmas Coffee Morning

Linus patchwork quilts 

Patchwork Projects 



All the hats below belong to members who have generously offered them for other members' use, if you have one you can lend out or you want to know more about the hats, fill in the contact form or nab Suze at the next meeting. (NB the colour of the blue one doesn't do it justice. It's a beautiful purply blue)

Centenary AGM at the Royal Albert Hall
Tiff's visit to Buckingham Palace
Our completed centenary banner and some of the detail on it.
First Moor Club social 2015
Denman New Wave weekend - Angela, Tiff, Lindsey and Chris
Tea and tents
Our scrapbook
March 2014 - Trip to London to see the Houses of Parliament
The October Fair 2013 

looked magnificent with all the crafts, cakes and more

 May 2013 meeting -

 plants, scones, strawberries and cream, shortbread

2012 events
2011 Christmas Coffee Morning